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Business Brokerage is a growing industry. With the aging population of small to mid sized enterprise owners, there are opportunities in our field for competent and professional brokers and M&A advisors.

Our brokers and advisors operate as independent contractors, enjoying a great deal of personal and professional freedom while leveraging their existing knowledge and experience into a new and lucrative career. They come from a diverse career background including accounting, law, finance, real estate, engineering, business administration, sales, marketing and more. If you are searching for a career that will challenge your knowledge and skills, provide personal and professional growth in a rewarding environment, then please consider joining our team of professional business brokers and intermediary practitioners.


The ideal candidate has the following skills or characteristics:

Must enjoy working with a wide range of people
Good organizational and time management skills
Sales experience
Creative thinking
Knowledge of financial statements and interpretations
A degree in business or related discipline is helpful
A desire for continued learning and growth both personally and professionally
Strong work ethic
Highest levels of integrity and character
Desire to help people and solve problems
Prior business ownership experience is a plus
Comfortable and confident working in a commission only environment with high income potential

What is Professional Business Brokerage?

Business Brokerage is a relatively new profession in Canada. In essence a business broker is a professional that lists and sells businesses for a contingent success fee. However, there is more than meets the eye.
A professional business broker will have been trained in business brokerage, hold a valid real estate license to be able to legally deal with the real estate components of any transaction such as a lease or land, understand how to value a business, and ideally, have a designation of Certified Business Intermediary through the International Business Brokers Association.

A business broker is a professional that takes the time and energy to learn and know the characteristics of a business he or she lists for sale and matches them with the criteria of a buyer through a proven methodical and systematic process.

There were roughly 385,000 small businesses operating in BC. For a variety of reasons, many of them change hands at any given time, many business owners wish to pursue other interests, face retirement, poor health, divorce, partnership problems or suffer simply from burn-out.

The assistance of a business broker or an M&A Advisor in the process is invaluable since it will ensure that the seller maximizes their value, that the business is exposed to the largest pool of qualified buyers and, the business is sold in the shortest time and to the best fitting buyer to ensure continuance of the business.

When a business owner decides to sell they have many concerns about price, terms, time commitment and confidentiality. Similarly, when a buyer is looking to purchase a business they have their concerns such as value, true earnings and performance, sustainability, compatibility etc. The use of a professional Pacific M&A and Business Broker reduces many of these concerns for the seller. A professional business broker can market the business to the widest possible market in a professional and confidential manner and bring qualified buyers to the table, negotiate for the best possible deal for both sides and mange the entire process to ensure a successful close.

Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. is a licensed real estate brokerage office and a full service professional mergers and acquisitions advisory and business brokerage firm that is highly qualified to handle business sale transactions of any type and size.

A Sunbelt Affiliate

Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd. is an affiliate of Sunbelt which began in Charleston, SC in 1978. Since that time, Sunbelt have grown to offices in Canada, the United States and six continents providing a true global reach. Sunbelt continues to grow around the globe.

The Sunbelt Network successfully completes thousands of business transactions each year and has thousands of businesses for sale worldwide at any given time.

The Market

Due to corporate downsizing, thousands of potential small business buyers are entering the entrepreneurial market. These buyers have several basic options:

1. Find another job
2. Start a business
3. Buy an existing business.

Jobs are scarce and new business start-ups have a historically high failure rate which makes the purchase of an existing business a much more prudent way to secure the buyer’s future.

A Business Broker has an inventory of businesses for sale and working with the buyer to match his/her criteria and objectives, the Pacific Broker can find a business that could enable the buyer to succeed by providing security for themselves and their family.

Demand for Professional Brokers

The demand for honest, hard working and knowledgeable business brokers has never been greater. The Sunbelt Network is the dominant force in the worldwide growth of this exciting profession.

Business brokerage is an executive position with high earnings potential. As a professional business broker you will be dealing with the owners of small and medium sized businesses and buyers who wish to own their own business and control their future.

At Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd., we offer worldwide brand leadership, quality support, extensive training and global reach.

Our training programs are based on decades of business brokerage excellence. Our comprehensive programs, technology and processes are designed to insure success.

Pacific M&A and Business Brokers come from all backgrounds and experiences. Finally, Business Brokers have extremely high earning potential, tied directly to the size and number of transactions completed. You as a broker determine your success.

We are always on the lookout for qualified individuals to enhance our team of Brokers.

If you are qualified and interested in learning more, submit your resume to

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