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This business is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that has designed an online assessment tool that helps clients identify their strengths and challenges in becoming employment ready, measures their changes over time, and provides organizations with a range of real-time reports for use in program planning and evaluation. It offers a unique combination of benefits to individuals, agencies providing career and employment services and sponsors who fund the provision of such services.

Thoroughly validated through 3 years of field testing, it measures the readiness of clients to manage ongoing work life success and provides feedback on the steps needed to achieve that success. It helps staff work effectively with clients, provides real-time needs assessment for program planning, identifies best practices for intervention effectiveness, and generates data for accountability reporting. Used as a baseline at the start of service, it can ensure accurate streaming of clients to the level of service needed.

This only known standardized and outcome-validated measure of employment readiness provides a unique opportunity for an organization well connected into human services/employment services arena, desiring an additional revenue stream, having the resources and capacity to market the service more globally, and interested in being a leader/champion advocating for excellence in employment services.

Sale Information

Type of Sale: Share Sale

Inclusions in Asking Price:

Inclusive of:
6 websites / Online Back-end Support & Documentation / Goodwill / Normal NWC


Normalized Financial Summary

3-Years Weighted Average

Revenues: $ 380,000
EBITDA*: $ 85,000
SDE**: $ 140,000

*EBITDA: Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization
**SDE: Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

Company Profile

Listing ID: VANCOBC002-N450

Location: Metro Vancouver

Industry: SaaS – Niche Market Company with Online Assessment Tool

Type of Entity: Corporation

Business Highlights

  • Online business model and market leading software
  • Outcome-validated assessment tool with excellent predictive power
  • Multi-tiered usage (individual, organization, region, government)
  • Multiple language options
  • Detailed policies and procedure manuals
  • Potential for immediate global expansion
  • Monetized IP
  • Trained sales/technical staff
  • No known competition
  • Owner willing to stay on (consulting/development agreement)

Contact Info

Broker: Amanda Reale
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Phone: 778-329-9574

Fax: 604-696-6119



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