Physiotherapy Clinic

This Physiotherapy Clinic operating in a specialized market of the Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area has a long history of existence and profitability. With a great location in a densely populated area and significant foot traffic, this is an attractive opportunity for an existing Physiotherapy provider looking for growth, or a new Physiotherapy graduate entering the business. An equally suitable opportunity exists for other discipline practitioners to develop or build a multi-discipline practice.

Buyer Qualifications Requirements:
The buyer is expected to be a professionally licensed practitioner in related and applicable disciplines.

Sale Information

Type of Sale: Share or Asset Sale
Assets Associated With The Sale: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment, Goodwill, Normal NWC

Business Asking Price $ 330,000
(including Normal Net Working Capital)

Normalized Financial Summary


Revenues: $ 393,000
EBITDA*: $ 158,000
SDE**: $ 208,000


Revenues: $ 393,000
EBITDA*: $ 176, 000
SDE**: $ 226,000


Revenues: $ 359,000
EBITDA*: $ 143,000
SDE**: $ 191,000


Revenues: $ 355,000
EBITDA*: $ 130,000
SDE**: $ 178,000


Revenues: $ 409,000
EBITDA*: $ 191,000
SDE**: $ 233,000

*EBITDA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization
**SDE: Seller’s Discretionary Earnings

Company Profile

Listing ID: VANCOBC002-N392

Location: Metro Vancouver, BC

Industry: Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Wellness Centers

Type of Business: Professional Services

Size of Premises: 1,150 sq. ft

Business Highlights

  • Well established and respected for two
  • Great location in the hub of a densely
    populated area within ease of transportation
  • Stable history of profitability
  • Large loyal client base
  • Efficient and computerized operation system
    in place
  • Valuable clinical records
  • Trained and productive staff
  • Multi-discipline opportunity

Contact Info

Broker: David Xie
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Phone: 778-329-9574

Fax: 604-696-6119



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