Technical Testing Services Company

This company is a trusted provider of quality technical industrial testing and inspection services. Able to comply with the most stringent requirements to assure their worldwide clients of the best possible quality at all times, this niche company is regarded as top of its league.

Comprehensive expertise has been offered for decades to a diverse client base in most industrial sectors; including: pulp & paper mills, petrochemical & chemical plants, structural steel fabrication, marine related industries, foundries and machine shops.

A unique opportunity exists for an industry buyer seeking growth via acquisition or the synergistic investment of another technical services company wishing to achieve a foot hold in the local market. Alternatively, an industry buyer seeking a strategic acquisition such as; an Engineering company wishing to add on a specific service to their existing offering.

Sale Information

Operational Balance Sheet Inclusive of: Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment, Goodwill, Normal NWC

Business Value $ 1,663,000

Normal Net Working Capital $ 222,000


Normalized Financial Summary

3 Years Weighted Average

Revenues: $ 1,536,000
EBITDA*: $ 439,400

*EBITDA: Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization

Company Profile

Listing ID: VANCOBC002-N461

Location: Metro Vancouver, BC

Industry: Industrial Testing

Primary NAICs: 541380

Type of Entity: Corporation

Business Highlights

  • Established quality assurance program
  • Great port city location
  • Year round demand for technical services
  • Stable history of profitability
  • Highly skilled & certified technicians
  • Extensive experience in a diverse array of projects
  • Excellent client relations

Contact Info

Broker: Amanda Reale
Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Phone: 778-329-9574

Fax: 604-696-6119



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