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Why Do You Want to Sell?

Why do you want to sell? The question asked more than maybe any other at PMABB. The answers can vary wildly depending on personal circumstances. So with so many different reasons, why bother writing an article? One issue that many entrepreneurs can face is getting caught going from one day to the next and not…

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business owners preparing their Vancouver business for sale
5 Things to Do Before Selling

Are you considering selling in the next couple of years? Planning ahead can make a big difference. Chances are if you’ve made past the first two sentences the idea has at least crept into your mind. This is no means an exhaustive list and depending on your industry there may be a few here that…

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business owner reviewing financial data before transaction
The Post COVID-19 Transaction Market

With over 50% of the Canadian population fully vaccinated and COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, the Canadian economy slowly recovers. Along with these trends, the business owner can now begin to focus on looking and moving forward. For some, this may be recovering from the losses realized during the pandemic, whilst others will be looking…

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globalisation concept with data and statistics
Globalisation Influence on M&A

This article was originally published in CorporateLiveWire’s Mergers and Acquisitions 2021 Expert Guide. Before we can speak of the impact of globalisation on mergers and acquisitions, we must first mention the impact of COVID. The IMF estimates that in 2020 the global economy shrunk by 4.4%, the worst since the Great Depression in the 1930’s,…

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